No Health Insurance Increases!

December 17, 2013 |

Health Insurance benefits are a key component to employment for any organization and have received a lot of attention over the past year.  This publicity has created a lot of anxiety for most Americans to include our own Andrews Logistics employees and families.  Based on the new healthcare laws, there was no question that health insurance costs were going to increase dramatically for this upcoming year.  The cost for health and dental insurance for Andrews Logistics went up significantly as anticipated.  However, despite these increases, Andrews Logistics will keep rates the same for coverage in 2014.


In listening to our employees throughout the year, our goals to become a better employer overall, and ultimately the best in the industry led us to the decision not increase the cost of insurance to our employees and our families.  We are keeping our health insurance cost the same for our employees and their families for all health, dental, & vision benefits.  We suspect that most of our competition will pass along the increases to their employees making us that much more attractive to prospective recruits and more competitive compared to our competition benefiting all our existing team members.

J. Darron Eschle, Chairman & CEO